What to Look For When You’re Ready for a New Lawnmower

Buying a new lawnmower is usually a big investment for a homeowner, so you want to ensure you get the best choice for your property. You don't want to overspend on a size of lawnmower you don't need or added features you'll never use, but you also want a mower that will make quick work of cutting the grass as well. Note a few things to look for when you're ready for a new lawnmower for your property. Read More 

Top Tips For Maintaining Your Rainwater Tank

Many Australian homes have a rainwater tank, especially in arid, rural areas where fresh water is a valuable commodity.  In order for your water remains viable and safe to use, it's important that you maintain your tank properly.  Read on for some top tips.  Clean your gutters If the gutters that feed your rainwater tank are dirty, it stands to reason that the water you collect will be less than pristine too. Read More