Top trends in the agricultural industry

The agricultural industry is one undergoing constant change and one of the major reasons for this is the emergence of technology. If you engage in agriculture, then you should be alert for any major events that occur in this field. So here is a compilation of some of the most important trends and how you react to them could determine if you'll increase your sales or diminish your returns. Being informed is the best weapon.

Increases food demand

There has been massive growth in the demand of food over the last few years and this trend is showing no signs of declining. UK Food and Agriculture Association has reported that in 2050, the population would have an increase of 47 percent and hit 9 billion. This means that the agricultural sector is swamped with opportunities and there is need to use smarter technologies and more efficient tactics. Catering for a population with the little land available will mean that agriculturalists would really need to up their game.

Changes in food demand will also affect water, and supply companies like Noddy The Waterman Water Supplies will likely go through changes as well.

Big data

'Big data' still remains a buzzword in the agricultural sector and it's not so difficult to figure out why. These are the increasing amounts of information are being generated for the sake of improving the agriculturists produce. However, this data poses a challenge because it needs to be well analysed and interpreted to be of any value to the farmer. Once the data is well interpreted, it becomes very powerful and the local farmers can be able to predict market trends and even know what to plant and when.

Biological control

The majority of chemical companies are now focusing their efforts in biological pest control methodologies. Weeds, insects and even diseases are being battled biologically, and this simply means introducing other organisms that prey on the pests.

This technique is going to require a totally different mindset as compared to the chemical means. The two methods are extremely different in their implementation.


This is using computers to take over roles previously done by human beings. This doesn't just mean robots with arms walking around or manufacturing cars in assembly plants.

Voice recognition software is now being used in verbally answering consumer questions. Robotics is now being continually used in processing data and make recommendation as to the best product practices. Smart software is also used in processing data that can alert you about oncoming severe weather.

These are some of the current trends taking over this sector and whether they will remain apparent or be replaced is something only time can tell.