What To Know When Buying A Zero-Turn Mover

The zero-turn mower was designed in order to reduce the time taken in mowing. If you are tired of using a push mower, you might consider buying a ride on mower. A zero-turn mower is one of the many options available for you to purchase. You, however, need to know more about this type of mower before spending your hard earned cash on it.

What a Zero-Turn Mower Is

The mower derives its name from the fact that it has a turn radius of 0 cm. the manufacturers install hydraulic speed controls on the individual wheel drives so as to achieve that radius of 0 cm. The Zero-Turn mowers typically derive their speed and traction from the two large rear wheels. They have two smaller front wheel which are not steerable. This type of ride on mower gets its direction from the turning of the rear wheels. They rotate separately and are controlled by two separate throttles. These throttles replace the steering wheel on the sitting area. Thus, if you are used to riding a mower with a steering wheel, you will need some time to adjust to this new system.


The zero-turn mower works best on flat terrains. If you are a farmer with a large, flat plantation, you can consider using this ride on mower to cut your grass. It does not have a good enough center of gravity that allows it to remain stable when operating on hilly terrains. However, it comes in handy when you are mowing around trees and other installations since it can make sharp turns with the individual rotation of the rear wheels.

Levels of Mowers

One of the advantages with the zero-turn mowers is that they come in three models. The first is the entry level model designed for those that are not yet accustomed to using throttles or levers for direction. This should be your first choice since it is cheap. You will be able to test whether you can work with that type of lawn mower before deciding to upgrade. This model has a stamped deck and is able to cut grass faster than tractors. The second level is the mid-grade model that comes with wider double-plated decks. They have a powerful engine that provides horsepower to rotate the blades. The third is the semi-pro model that you can choose if you are a professional landscaper. These have more power and more comfort than the other two models. The final class is the commercial zero-turn mower that has the most powerful aspects of the others. You should choose this if you handle mowing over large acres of land.

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